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Puppet’s personality shines through our whole space. We love the flexibility of being able to open up the meeting rooms, and the hammock is always a popular spot to relax! Arke did a great job managing the build, especially as they faced logistical challenges from projects taking place on other floors of the building at the same time.

Fiona Bennett, Manager, Workplace Operations EMEA

Puppet are at the cutting edge of technology, creating dynamic automation software to improve client innovation. Operating out of the prestigious Aldgate Tower, Puppet undertook to refurbish their current premises to a high finish standard.

The Arke Team previously completed projects in the same building in particular the fitout for Essensys, another innovative software company. The aim… to create a welcoming, flexible and functional space that projected the energy of the company’s culture the moment a client entered. Using innovative new products, the boardroom sat in middle of the space comprising acoustic glazed folding partitions to enable larger meetings. A large gaming room was added which could double up as a meeting space and all work units were electrical and height adjustable to allow sit stand working.

Quiet rooms for undisturbed working, and a relaxing hammock in added to enjoy the most of the stunning panoramic views from the 13th floor were also included to convey the balance of the company. The team were on site for 8 weeks, facing logistical challenges due to several other fitout projects happening at the same time. Our Project Manager had to take care to coordinate with the other teams in order to ensure deliveries and noisy works could be carried out without no inconvenience to neighbouring tenants, whilst still meeting programme needs.