• Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E
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I was really impressed with the Arke creative team, when they delivered our new Covent Garden office, in an exceptionally quick turnaround. Not only were the team very professional and experienced, but they also endeavoured to spend extensive time with our team understanding the company requirements and core values, to deliver a space for the full team to enjoy.

Caroline Ward, Financial Controller

Our client here was taking 22,000 square foot space which required both Cat A & B combined. We were asked to create a space that could easily be adapted as our client grows over the coming years. The challenges the team faced consisted of obtaining very limited base build information which then meant it was necessary for our team to modify  the Mechanical and Electrical design as we progressed, whilst also protecting the clients’ budget.

Our Design Director was very conscientious when creating the space plans, providing an additional day 2 and 3 layouts that can be implemented in the case of expansion with minimal disruption. With that growth in mind, the design and finishes had to be carefully value engineered to suit the budget. We were keen to ensure their reception  made an impact, designing a moss wall which the owner loves, and bespoke wallpaper based on their branding. The moss wall has now adopted a second use – as a backdrop for photography opportunities and on social media. The scheme also included a breakout area for staff had a comfortable space to work in, with the advantage that it could also be used to entertain clients. This zone needed to have a different feel to the rest of the office, which was achieved by booth seating and a painted ceiling which effectively provides a visual separation from the other spaces.