• Amex Stadium

Just ahead of the majority of our staff returning to their superb new offices tomorrow morning, I wanted to thank you, your team, and your contractors for all of your creative input, expertise, and hard work in delivering this project in a timeframe that I know was challenging, not least because of all the current working restrictions.

We are delighted with the results, and the team have advised me that working with you and the entire team at Arke has been a real pleasure, so thanks again for everything you have done.

Chief Executive

After 10 years, the team at the Premiership Football Club decided it was time to uplift and refurbish their offices at the Stadium. The existing space was a blank canvas and the dated building had mechanical and electrical issues. The management wanted a more personal touch and the design to reflect the clubs branding visually.

The team worked closely with Arke’s Design Director, to quickly coordinate a design scheme, within the proposed budget as they were on a very tight timescale. This project played to Arke’s strengths, it needed a great deal of flexibility and quick thinking. Due to the speed the team needed to work at, the project went to site with only basic layouts and we designed the project on the go. This meant regular client meetings, and our team visiting the stadium often, in order to make the decision-making process as smooth as possible. A significant proportion of the project centered around the graphics package, which came into focus directly as the build stage was completed.

Once the requirements were understood, Arke were able to propose suitable finishes and ensure all elements tied together to form a cohesive story from beginning to end. The team really enjoyed working on this, and it has added another dynamic to the service Arke can offer on future projects. The entry of the office boasts a timeline of the clubs history and its promotion to the Premiership, in which is a testimony to its success. With an on brand colour scheme throughout, along with textured walls, bespoke neon vision statements, as well as with their very own goal in the office, it’s fair to say this space truly reflects Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.